The Most Dangerous Roof Injury Statistics You Should Know About

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As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep your roof in top condition through regular maintenance and routine check-ups. Before you start thinking it would be a good idea to inspect the roof yourself, you should be aware of these top roof injury statistics, so you could avoid becoming one of them. If you’re planning on fixing your roof or going up on it to perform a routine check-up, make sure to read this entire page to get a firm understanding of all of the potential risks that go with it.

Leading Causes of Roofing Injuries

Even in ideal weather conditions, your rooftop can be a dangerous place. Many scenarios can happen within seconds that could change your life forever. With this in mind, the most common causes of injuries include:


Falls are responsible for over a third of total roof injuries statistics. Moreover, fall-related injuries often result in severe physical trauma and can even kill someone. The risk of serious injury is much higher if you don’t have the necessary safety equipment or any prior roofing experience. The two most common examples include ladder falls and slips and falls from the roof.

Malfunctioning Tools

When replacing shingles or fixing your roof, you’ll most likely be working with a few potentially dangerous tools. Gear like electric drills, power saws, or nail guns can cause serious injuries if you’re not trained and experienced in their use. Even worse, the equipment can malfunction while you’re using it and lead to you losing control, falling, or getting caught between the cables and roof debris.


Not many homeowners are aware of just how high the risk of electrocution is when they’re up on the roof. There are several electrical hazards you’re potentially exposing yourself to, especially if you have power lines that go directly over your roof.

Roof Collapses

The roofing structure is designed to handle more weight than it carries by default. But if you have a decaying roof or if your roof is suffering from mold and other moisture-related issues, its structural integrity will be compromised. 

Suppose you go up on such a roof without knowing that it’s compromised and weak. In that case, the added weight may lead to a total roof collapse, causing further damage to your house and, most often, collapsing your scaffolding as well. You could find yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Other Potential Rooftop Safety Hazards

Aside from these four most common causes of injuries, you’ll be putting yourself into a situation with many other potential rooftop safety hazards. DIY homeowners often don’t have the experience or tools to do the job safely and correctly.

Even if you have some experience repairing roofs, accidents can still happen, as you can step on a weak spot on the roof or slip and fall. These are just some of the potentially dangerous situations you would be putting yourself in if you decide to inspect or repair the roof on your own. According to OSHA, most people who do such projects often don’t ensure adequate fall protection.

Startling Roofing Injury Statistics in the US

According to the CDC, over 150,000 Americans require medical treatment every year due to roofing-related injuries. Close to 10 percent of these injuries result in serious, life-threatening medical issues. Given that the roofing industry employs many workers, you might assume that most people who sustain injuries in roofing accidents are construction workers. But that’s not the case.

Over 97 percent of roofing-related accidents happen at home, with almost half of all roof fatalities occurring in the South. This means that most of these injuries occur because people are often unqualified to install or repair their roofs. They aren’t aware of the risk that comes with it. It may look like a simple and straightforward repair job. But fixing or replacing a roof is a very physically-demanding task.

Reach Out and Stay Safe 

Roofing is considered one of the most dangerous professions in the country. For starters, you’re on the slippery surface of the roof. And you’re also climbing up and down, kneeling, bending, and sometimes lifting heavy objects and equipment. A DIY roof repair project may seem like a good idea to save some money on hiring contractors. But the potential risk and stress are just not worth it.

Injuries that occur from roofing accidents can be very serious, even life-threatening. Because of this, it’s always best to leave the job to licensed and experienced professionals. By hiring a professional roofing company to repair or replace your roof, you’ll avoid any potential roofing injuries. You’ll also ensure that your roof gets replaced efficiently and skillfully.

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