Local Family Owned –  We are a locally owned and family owned roofing company in Tampa. The owners and our employees grew up in the Tampa Bay area. Many roofing companies in Tampa are out of state companies that have set up temporary satellite offices in Tampa set up for the next big storm.

Pricing – Our prices are extremely competitive and we usually come in several thousand dollars cheaper than other roofing companies of a similar rating and status. I am regularly told that we were the lowest bid.

Quality – We install the best shingle roofing systems around. Salesman will often try to confuse homeowners by touting the materials they install as something better to try and justify their higher price and their commission. I can promise you that nobody is using higher quality materials than us. If anyone tries to promote their shingles as better, just know that we can install any brand of shingle including GAF, Owens Corning, or Certainteed for the same price. All 3 brands are a top tier shingle and none are more expensive or better than the other. We regularly install all three brands of shingles, and it has no impact on pricing whatsoever.

Expertise – It doesn’t matter how great the materials are if the guys installing the roof don’t know what they are doing or don’t care about their workmanship. Your roof is only as good as the roofers who installed it. Here at Code Engineered Systems, Inc. Tim Hutchinson and Russell Dodson who have a combined experience of 70 years in both residential roofing and commercial roofing are involved in every job performed by our company. We only hire the best roofers around, and we have to pay them and treat them well to keep them. Good roofers are hard to come by these days.

Our Google Reviews – We have a 4.9 star rating on Google and all of our reviews are authentic.  We can provide and address and referral from every single review found on the web. It is common for may companies to pay for fake reviews as it increases their rating and ranking in the search listings. If you see a company with a significantly higher total of reviews and they were all acquired around the same time, more than likely they are fake reviews.

GAF MASTER ELITE – We are a GAF Master elite Roofing Contractor meaning that we have already been scrutinized and tested by GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in the world. We have proven that we know how to install their products according to their meticulous specs and standards. We are also able to provide the Golden Pledge warranty backed by GAF. Only GAF Master Elite Contractors have access to a warranty as solid as the Golden Pledge warranty.

BBB Accredited with an A+ rating – We have performed thousands of roofing jobs and still maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.

WARRANTIES – We provide one of the longest no BS labor warranties in the industry. Our warranty fits on a single page and is void of legal jargon. If you have a problem with the roof, we fix it! Our labor warranties for roof replacements are a minimum of 10 years. Also due to our Master Elite status with GAF we are able to offer 25 year labor warranties and 50 year material warranties backed by GAF. This means that even if we as a company were not around if 15 years (not going to happen), our customers would still have a solid labor and material warranty with GAF.