GAF Certified Roofing Contractor Tampa FL
We are Certified GAF Installers Offering a 50 Year Non-Prorated Transferable Material Warranty

Code Engineered Systems is a GAF certified roofing company. By default we bid our shingle roof replacements and new shingle roof installations with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System which includes GAF Timberline HD shingles and other GAF products such as the GAF PRO-START Eave/Rake Starter Strip, GAF Cobra Rigidvent 3 exhaust vent for the roof ridge, and SEAL-A-RIDGE Protective ridge cap shingles for the hip and shingle over ridge vent. If the pitch of your roof is steeper than a 4 in 12 pitch with will install a synthetic underlayment and give you the option to upgrade to peel-n-stick underlayment. If your roof is a low sloped roof between a 2 in 12 pitch and 4 in 12 pitch we are still able to install asphalt shingles but will install peel-in-stick underlayment in substitute of synthetic felt. Installing an upgraded underlayment such as peel-n-stick on a lower sloped roof is not only good practice due to the vulnerabilities to wind and wind driven rain, but it is also required by most building departments and by GAF in order to qualify for their 50 year manufacturer warranty. For more details on the products we use please visit the GAF website at

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