Email from Arlene Rodriguez | April 27th, 2023

Hello Todd,

The overall experience with Code Engineered Systems was great. I found Code Engineered Systems from Better Bussiness Bureau and read Google Reviews. Steve Quigley was helpful and professional, he did the quote and processing of initial payment. No hassle at all. 

Enthusiastic and energetic Large workers showed up early morning and did the reroof for 1 day. Excellent material ( Timberline Gaf) was used and came out great. They cleaned my surroundings after they were done. They also accidentally ripped one side of my back patio screen but came back the next day and fixed it. The length of warranty from Gaf Manufacturer and CES warranty is a peace of mind.Price quote given was right. 

Steve mentioned that we will get referral credits if we refer CES. 

I recommended CES to my neighbors, actually 2 of them already asked informations about my roof and 1 of them just got their roof done the other day with CES. Will CES send the referral credits to me or I have to text Steve? 

Wind mitigation inspection was also done and paid for by CES. The only things I would like to improve on the communication process area: 

▪️To let the owners know when they will deliver the materials.

▪️To explain or give more details  to the owners after the service why some area of the roof will not need shingles. 

Overall, I will hire CES again for my future roof projects and will recommend to my neighborhood. Very satisfactorily, I will give CES a 5 star rating, a company that takes pride on their workmanship. Thank you. 



Email from Andreas von Sneidern | April 19th, 2023

Hi Todd, I’ve now done two roof replacements with Eric. After a good first experience it was natural to call Eric again when a second property needed a new roof. He’s been very helpful through the process. Responsive and efficient. Much appreciated.


Email from Bee Porterfield | April 13th, 2023


We feel that your men and the company did a wonderful job on our roof and were very pleasant to work with. Steve Quigly is a wonderful representative for your company and you should be proud of him.

I tried to call your number but it said your box was full.  We do need to talk to resolve the light situation that got damaged by the tarps and throwing trash from the old roof. 

One of your men tried to fix it but to no avail. I’m hoping if we can find the lights like we had and have our electrician install them that you will pay for it.  We have paid you all in full and Steve Quigly assured us that the lights would be taken care of. 

Your people have tried to find our lights (must be white lights, not warm) but had no luck.  I have a friend who may be able to find them and get his electric company’s discount. 

Randy & Bee Porterfield

Email from Lisa Johnson | April 14th, 2023

I love my new roof. The color blend looks great with the color scheme of my home. The job was started quickly, got done quickly and the cleanup was thorough. Jeff was great to work with and the entire experience was excellent. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs a new roof.

Email from Barbara Owens | March 23rd, 2023


Hello and thank you for reaching out to me. Mike Fisher was absolutely fabulous from start to finish. I found Mike to be very professional, very knowledgeable, provided great customer service, and went the extra mile to complete the job and assist in dealing with our unexpected insurance issue. I will definitely be referring your company to my friends and family. 

Thank you for everything. I greatly appreciate it. 

Barbara Owen

Email from Al Jenkins | March 28th, 2023

We are totally satisfied with the material and workmanship in the process  of roofing our house.  Your sales representative, Mike Fisher , is the reason we chose your company. He was sincere and very informative during his presentation. We thank Code Engineered System for an excellent  job.

Email from Howard Krueger | February 17th, 2023

Steve Quigley was excellent to work with, was here on time liked your detailed prices on any extra wood products that I may need and the final price we agreed on. Kept in contact with me but no high pressure. When I was ready to proceed ”  roof leaked during last rainstorm”, I contacted him and two days later the tear off and install crew was here. Very polite and efficient crew, and they spoke English. Overall, a great job, no areas that I think could be improved on. I would highly recommend Code Engineering to everyone. 

Thank You

Howard Krueger 

Email from Alice Harper | February 17th, 2023

I was very pleased with the roof replacement. Isaac was a pleasure to work with and provided all the information I needed in a timely manner.  He answered all my questions. The work crew did an excellent job and the cleanup was perfect.

I would highly recommend your company and I have. 

Email from Chris Dennard | February 18th, 2023

Todd, we are more than happy to advise you about our experience with Mike Fisher and Code Engineered Systems.  We submitted our claim for roof damage to Heritage Insurance Company on October 1 and transmitted via your web page a request for a roof inspection. Very quickly Mike called to schedule a roof inspection.  After his inspection he advised us about the damage. We then heard from Heritage that there was an adjuster assigned to our case.  When the adjuster called a few days later we scheduled him to come to our house on Sunday October 5 and advised him that he would be meeting Mike Fisher who would be the representative on behalf of our roofer. At 8:00 a.m. on October 5  Mike and the adjuster  went onto our roof and afterwards they met with myself and my wife Elizabeth to discuss the damage to our roof .  The adjuster advised that there would be a claim submitted in which he would suggest to Heritage that we should receive a new roof. After the meeting we signed a contract with Mike.  We received our new roof by a wonderful installing team and they began in the early part of the morning of November 22 and finished in the same afternoon about 5:30 p.m. This was an exceptionally efficient and nice team of workers. I had occasion to talk to the team manager several times and he impressed me with his professionalism and how he managed his workers. We had a long talk about the fact that most of his team had worked with him for a long time and why he didn’t have a turnover problem like most companies.

 Mike has kept us updated on every aspect of the project and there have been no surprises. After the completion of the installation of the roof  the Hillsborough County inspector came to inspect our roof.  She was very complimentary of your company and of Mike Fisher.  She stated she never finds anything wrong with any of the roofs installed by Code Engineered Systems. She further stated that Code Engineered Systems is one of the BEST roofing companies in our county.

It seemed to take forever for the supplemental to be approved for the new gutters, but that delay was probably because Heritage was slammed with claims. We received the last check for supplemental work on Thursday, February 16.  Mike came over at 7:00 p.m. that evening to pick up the final check and discuss with us the installation of our new gutters and some fine tuning that he assured us that he would make sure was done.

We are so impressed with your company that we have recommended Mike and your company to three of our neighbors, one of which has already entered into a contract with Mike this week. In summary, we feel your company is exceptional and that Mike Fisher has diligently looked after our interest and answered all of our questions promptly.

Best regards,

Chris and Elizabeth Dennard