AIA Document A201, A401, A701 Study Guide for State Exam

Question: What does the A201 -2017 family of documents provide?

Answer: Terms and conditions under which the contractor, owner, and architect will work together during the construction process.

Question: What document should be used for smaller or less complex projects?

Answer: The AIA Document A107 -2017 Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for Projects of a Limited Scope.

Question: What document could be used for single family residential projects, or even smaller less complex commercial projects?

Answer: The AIA Document A105 -2017, Agreement Between Owner and contractor for a Residential or Small Commercial Project.

Question: What are the AIA Owner contractor agreement documents?

Answer: A101 -2017, A102 -2017, and A103 -2017

Question: What Document is the Agreement Between Contractor & Subcontractor?

Answer: Document A401 -2017

Question: What are Documents B101 -2017, and B103 -2017 used for?

Answer: Agreements Between Owner and Architect.

Question: What document is the Owner-Consultant Agreement?

Answer: AIA Document C401 -2017

Question: What are the documents included in the Conventional A201 family of documents?


  1. A101 -2017 Agreement Between Owner and Contractor (Stipulated Sum)
  2. A102 -2017, Agreement Between Owner and Contractor (Cose Plus Fee, with CMP.)
  3. A103 -2017, Agreement Between Owner and Contractor (Cost Plus Fee, withouth CAMP)
  4. A401 -2017, Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor.
  5. A503 -2017, Guide for Supplementary Conditions
  6. A701 -2017, Instructions to Bidders
  7. B101 -2017, Agreement Between Owner and Architect
  8. B103 -2017, Agreement Between Owner and Arcitect for a Large or Complex Project.
  9. B201 -2017, Architect’s Services: Design and Construction Contract Administration
  10. B209 -2017, Architect’s Services: Construction Contract Administration
  11. B503 -2017, Guide for Amendments to AIA Owner-Architect Agreements
  12. C401 -2017, Agreement Between Architect and Consultant

Question: What document is an Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor?

Answer: Document A401 -2017

Question: What are G-Series Documents used for?

Answer: Processing payments to the contractor and formalizing changes in the work.

Question: The AIA publishes 2 other general conditions documents that parallel A201-2017; what are they?

Answer: The AIA Document A201 – CMa-1992 for Construction Manager as Advisor family of documents, and the AIA A251 -2017 for Interiors of Family Documents.

Question: What document contains provisions for mediation and arbitration of claims and disputes?

Answer: Dispute Resolution-Mediation and Arbitration

Question: Does the AIA administer dispute resoution processes?

Answer: No, Disputes should be submitted to the American Arbitration Association.

Question: Why use AIA Contract Documents?


  1. They are aimed at balancing the interest of all parties on the construction project.
  2. They reflect actual industry practices.
  3. They are regularly revised to keep up with changes in the law and in the industry.
  4. They are written in everyday language.
  5. They are flexible, intended to be modified to fit individual projects.

Question: What must be carefully considered when combining AIA forms with Non-AIA forms?

Answer: Consistency of language and intent among documents.

Question: What should users do prior to using AIA documents?

Answer: Contact the AIA to verify the most recent editions.

Questions: What is considered a modification of the contract?

  1. A written amendment to the Contract signed by both parties
  2. A Change Order
  3. A Construction Change Directive, or
  4. A written order for a minor change in the Work issued by the Architect

Question: What do the Contract Documents consists of?


  1. Agreement
  2. Conditions of the Contract (General, Supplementary and other Conditions)
  3. Drawings,
  4. Specifications,
  5. Addenda issued prior to execution of the Contract
  6. Other documents listed in the Agreement,
  7. Modifications issued after the execution of the Contract.

Question: The contract may only be amended or modified by what?

Answer: A Modification

Question: The contract shall not be construed to create a contractual relationship between who?


  1. the Contractor and the Architect or Arcitect’s consultants,
  2. the Owner and a Subcontract or Sub-subcontract,
  3. the Owner and the Architect or Arcitect’s consultants,
  4. between and persons or entities other that the Owner & the Contractor

Question: The _______________ is the total construction of which the Work performed under the Contract Documents may be the whole or a part and which may include construction by the Owner annd by Separate Contractors

Answer: Project

Question: The _________________ are the graphica and pictoral portions of the Contract Documents showing the design, location and dimensions of the Work, generally including plans, elecvations, sections, details, schedule and diagrams.

Answer: Drawings

Question: The ____________________ are that portion of the Contract Documents consisting of the written requirments for materials, equipment, systems, standards and workmanship for the Work, and performance or related services.

Answer: Specifications

Question: ______________________________ are representations, in any medium of expression now known or later developed, of the tangible and intangible creative work preformed by the Architect and the Architect’s consultants under their respective professional services agreements. _________________________ may include, without limitation, studies, surveys, models, sketches, drawings, specifications, and other similar materials.

Answer: Instruments of Services

Question: The __________________________________ is the person identified in the Agreement to render initial decisions on Claims in accordance with Section 15.2. The ____________________________________ shall not show patiality to the Owner or Contractor and shall not be liable for results of interpretations or decisions rendered in good faith.

Answer: Initial Decision Maker

Question: What is the intent of the Contract Documents?

Answer: The intent of the contract documents is to include all items necessary for the proper execution an completion of the Work by the Contractor.

Question: Who owns the instruments of service for a project?

Answer: The Arcitect or the Arcitect’s Consultant.

Question: Who shall not own or claim a copyright to the Instruments of Service?

Answer: The Contractor, Subcontractor, Sub-subcontracts, and suppliers

Questions: What are Contractors, Subcontractors, Sub-subcontractors, and suppliers authorized to use and reproduce the Instruments or Services for.

Answer: Solely and exlusively for execution of the Work, unless the have written consent of the owner.

Question: What must all copies of the Instruments of Service bear?

Answer: Copyright notices, if any.

Questions: What document is used to establish the protocols for the development, use, transmission, and exchange of digital data?

Answer: The AIA Document E203-2013, Building Information Modeling and Digital Data Exhibit.

Questions: When shall a notice be deemed duly served?

Answer: If the notice is delivered in person, by mail, by courioer, or by electionic transmission if a method for electionic transmission is set forth in the Agreement. Notice of Claims as provided in 15.1.3 shall be deemed to be duly served only if delivered to the designated representative of the party to whom the notice is addressed by certified or registered mail, or by courier providing proof of delivery.

Question: The owner shall furnish to the Contractor, within ___________ days after receipt of a writtin request, information necessary and relevant for the Contractor to evaluate, give notice of, or enforce mechanic’s lien rights.

Answer: fifteen days

Questions: What information is the owner required to deliver to the contractor to evaluate, give notice, or enforce mechanic’s lien rights?

Answer: The correct statement of the record legal title to the property on which the project is located, usually referred to as the site, and the Owner’s interest therein.

Question: The Contractor must pay the subcontractor each progress payment no later than ________ working days after the Contractor receives payment from the owner.

Answer: seven working day.

Questions: A subcontractor may terminate the subcontract due to non-payment if the outstanding payment has been late for ______________ days.

Answer: 60 Days or longer.

Question: The owner must provide proof of financial capability to the contractor no later than ___________ days prior to the expiration of time for withdrawal.

Answer: 7 Days

Question: A subcontractor must notify the Contractor within ____________ business days of becoming aware of an impending or actual cancellation of any insurance required by the Subcontract documents.

Answer: 3 Business Days

Question: The Owner must notify the Contractor of impending or actual cancellation of any property insurance required by the documents within ___________ days of becoming aware of the cancellation.

Answer: 3 business days

Question: What changes in work are the sole responsibility of the architect?

Answer: An order for minor changes in the Work may be issued by the architect alone.

Question: A Change Order is prepared by the _________________ and signed by the ______________, ________________, and _____________ stating their agreement upon all of the following. 1. The change in work; 2. The amount of the adjustment in the contract sum; and 3. The extent of the adjustment in contract time.

Answer: Architect, Architect, Owner, and Contractor.

Question: Final payment must be paid to the Subcontractor from the Contractor when the Subcontractor’s Work is _______________________ in accordance with the requirements of the Subcontract Documents, the ________________________ has issued a _________________________________ covering the Subcontractors completed Work and the Contractor has ____________________________________.

Answer: fully performed, Architect, Certificate for Payment, received payment from the Owner.

Question: In regards to the final payment; How many days does the Contractor have to pay the Subcontractor after receiving payment from the Owner?

Answer: 7 Days

Question: The architect will issue the Owner a certificate of payment within ___________ days after receipt of the Contractor’s application for payment.

Answer: 7 Days

Question: If the Architect has any objections to the Contractor’s application for payment, the Architect must notify the Contractor and Owner of the Architect’s reason for withholding certification within ____________ days.

Answer: 7 Days

Questions: Modifications interpretations to the bidding documents must be made _______________________.

Answer: by Addendum

Question: If within __________________ of the date Substantial Completion of the Work any of the work is found to be not in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents, the Contractor shall correct it promptly after receipt of notice from the Owner; unless the Owner has previously given the Contractor a written acceptance of such conditions.

Answer: 1 Year

Question: If the Subcontractor defaults or neglects to carry out the Work in accordance with this Agreement and fails within _____________ working days after receipt of notice from the Contractor to commence and continue correction of such default or neglect with diligence and promptness, the Contractor may, without prejudice to other remedies the Contractor may have, remedy such default or neglect and withold, in accordance with Section the reasonable cost thereof from current or future payments due the Subcontractor. If payments due to the Subcontractor are not sufficient to cover such amounts, the Subcontractor shall _________________________ to the Contractor.

Answer: 5 working day, pay the difference

Question: The _________________________ shall purchase and maintain insurance of the types and limit of liabilities, containing the endorsements, and subject to the terms and conditions, as described in the Agreement or elsewhere in the Contract Documents.

Answer: The Contractor, and the Owner.

Question: The Subcontractor shall not assign or subcontract without the consent of the ___________________.


Question: A ______________________ is a person or entity who has a direct contract with the Contractor to perform a portion of the Work at the site.

Answer: Subcontractor

Question: A _______________________ is a person or entity who has a direct or indirect contract with a Subcontractor to perorm a portion of the Work at the site.

Answer: Sub-subcontractor

Question: In regard of subonctractors; What must the Prime Contractor do as soon as practicable after being awarded the contract.

Answer: The Contractor must notify the Owner and Architect of the persons or entities proposed for each principal portion of the Work, including those who are to funish materials or equipment fabricated to special design.

Question: How many days does the owner or architect has to object to any proposed person or entity who the Contractor may hire to perform Work on the job.

Answer: 14 Days

Question: The Subcontractor may not subcontract the Work out without the written consent of _______________________.

Answer: The Contractor

Question: The Contractor shall include in the _________________________ all allowances stated in the Contract Documents.

Answer: Contract Sum

Question: Unless otherwise provided in the Contract Documents; Allowances shall cover

  1. ________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________


  1. Allowances shall cover the cost to the Contractor of materials and equipment delivered at the site and all required taxes, less applicable trade discount;
  2. Contractor’s costs for unloading and handling at the site, labor, installation costs, overhead, profit, and other expenses contemplated for stated allowance amounts shall be included in the Contract Sum but not in the allowances; and
  3. whenever costs are more than or less than allowances, the Contract Sum shall be adjusted accordingly by Change Order. The amount of the Change Order shall reflect (1) the difference between actual costs and the allowances under Section and (2) changes in Contractor’s costs under Section

Question: Changes in the Work may be accomplished after execution of the Contract, and without invalidating the Contract, by ________________, ___________________________, or ___________________________.

Answer: Change Order, Contruction Change Directive, or order for minor change in the Work, subject to the limitations stated in thie Article 7 and elsewhere in the Contract Documents.

Question: A Change Order requires agreement among who?

Answer: The Owner, Architect, and the Contractor

Question: A Construction Change Directive requires agreement among who?

Answer: The Owner and the Architect

Question: An order for a minor change in the Work may be issued by who?

Answer: The Architect alone

Question: A ____________________________________ is a written instrument prepared by the Architect and signed by the Owner, Contractor, and Architect stating their agreement upon all of the following: (1) The change in the Work; (2) The amount of the adjustment, if any, in the Contract Sum; and (3) The extent of the adjustment, if any, in the Contract Time.

Answer: Change Order

Question: A Change Order is a writtin instrument prepared by the ____________________ and signed by ____________________?

Answer: prepared by the Architect, signed by the Owner, Architect, and Contractor

Question: Which documents must the Contractractor make available at the Project site?

Answer: The Contract Documents, Change Orders, Construction Change Directives, Modifications, Show Drawings, Prouct Date, Samples, and other required similar submittals.

Question: For all Work the Subcontractor intends to subcontract, the Subcontractor must enter ___________________________________ with Sub-subcontractors performing portions of the Work.

Answer: into written agreements

Question: Who shall supervise and direct the Subcontractor’s work?

Answer: The Subcontractor

Question: The Subcontractor shall cooperate with the Contractor in _____________________ and ________________________ the Subontractor’s Work to avoid conflict, delay in, or intereference with the Work of the Contractor, other subcontractors, the Owner, or Separate Contractors.

Answer: Scheduling and Performing

Question: The Subcontractor shall submit __________________, ______________, __________________, and ________________________ required by the Subcontract Documents.

Answer: Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples, and similar submittals.

Question: The Subcontractor shall submit his submittals with reasonable promptness and in such a sequence as to cause ________________________ in the Work or in the activities of the Contractor or other subcontractors.

Answer: no delay

Question: By submitting Shop Drawing, Product Data, Samples, and similar submittals, the Subcontractor represents to the Contractor that the Subcontractor has (1) _______________________________________, (2) __________________________________________________________________________, (3) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Answer: (1) reviewed and approved them; (2) determined and verified materialsm field measurements, and field construction criteria related thereto, or will do so; and (3) checked and coordinated the information contained within such submittals with the requirements of the Work and of the Subcontract Documents.

Questions: The Subcontractor shall furnish to the Contractor periodic _________________________________ on the Work of this Subcontract as mutually agreed, including information on the status of _____________________ and ____________________ that may be in the course of preparation, manufacture, or transit.

Answer: progress reports, materials and equipment

Question: The Architect and the Contractor have the right to __________________ Work of the Subcontractor that does not conform to the Prime Contract.

Answer: reject

Question: The Architect and the Contract have the right to reject Work of the Subcontractor that does not ________________________________.

Answer: conform to the Prime Contract

Question: If a Subcontractor’s Work has been suspended for more than _____________________, the Subcontractor’s compensation shall be equitably adjusted for increases in cost resulting from the suspension.

Answer: 30 Days

Question: Under what conditions may the Owner terminate the Contract?


  1. The Contractor repeately refuses or fails to supply enough properly skilled workers or proper materials;
  2. The Contractor fails to make payment to Subcontractors or suppliers in accordance with the respective agreements between the Contractor and the Subcontractors or suppliers;
  3. The Contractor repeatadly disregards applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations, or lawful orders of a public authority; or
  4. The Contractor otherwise is guilty of substantial breach of provision of the Contract Documents.

Question: How many days does the Architect have to notify the Contractor that the Architect or the Owner object to a Subcontractor, person or entity that the Contractor has proporsed to perform Work on the Contract?

Answer: 14 days

Questions: The Contractor shall not Contract with a proposed person or entity that the Owner or Architect has made reasonable and timely ___________________.

Answer: Objection

Question: If the Owner or Architect has a reasonable objection to a person or entity propoased by the Contractor, the Contractor shall _____________________________________________________.

Answer: propose another to whome the Owner or Architect has not reasonable objection.

Question: If the proposed but rejected Subcontractor was reasonably capable of performing the Work, the Contract Sum and _______________________ shall be ____________________ or ______________________ by the difference.

Answer: Contract Time shall be increased or decreased by the difference.

Question: The Subcontractor shall not assign the Work of this Subcontract, subcontract the whole of this Subcontract, or subcontract portions of this Subcontract without ______________________________________.

Answer: written consent from the Contractor

Questions: How many days does the Contractor have to pay the Subcontractor after receipt of a progress payment or final payment from the Owner?

Answer: Seven working days

Question: How many days does the Subcontractor have to notify the Contractor of injury to any of the subcontractors’ employees at the site.

Answer: 3 Days

Question: Who may reject a proposed Subcontractor by the Contractor?

Answer: The Architect and/or the Owner

Question: How many days does the bidder have to deliver the required bonds to the Owner after the execution of the Contract?

Answer: 3 Days

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