What is the best type of roof for Florida?

If you are planning on installing a new roof on your home in Florida, one question you may be asking is “What is the best type of roof for a home in Florida?” There really is no absolute answer to this question as the best roofing system for your Florida home depends on the structure and the slop that the roof is being installed. Some roofing systems are more durable than others but this will most definitely come at a price. For example for sloped roofs if you were to have a tile roof installed on your home it would last much longer than a shingle roof, but it would also be much more expensive. The same goes for a metal roofs versus shingle roofs or even dimensional shingle roofs versus traditional 3-tab shingle roofs. Usually the better roofs is simply going to cost you more money. If you would like to discuss your roofing options please fill out our free estimate form to schedule an free roof estimate.

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