Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

tips for choosing a roofing contractor

Finding the right contractor to fix or replace your roof is often a difficult task. You have to weave through the “knock-on-the-door” and unskilled roofer types to find a professional contractor you can trust and rely on. To make this process more comfortable and less stressful for you, we’ve made a list of the ten most important tips for choosing a roofing contractor. Make sure to remember each one, and you’ll know how to pick the right contractor for your next roofing project.

1.     Choose a local roofing contractor

Choosing a proven local roofing contractor minimizes the chances of running into issues during your roofing project. Since they already have an established reputation, a recognized local contractor won’t risk its reputation by botching roofing gigs.

Not only this, a contractor from your local community will also be familiar with all of the local legislation and rules. They’ll have better contacts with suppliers and crews, and it’ll be easier to get local referrals. This leads us to the next tip.

2.     Research the contractor’s history and previous projects

Before hiring a contractor, put some time into researching their reputation and previous projects. Look them up on review sites like BBB, Trustpilot, or Google Reviews and make sure they have an excellent overall score. If a contractor isn’t present on any major review site or doesn’t maintain good standing among previous customers, it’s best to steer clear. By doing your research and comparing ratings, you’ll be able to avoid unreliable roofers and storm chasers.  

3.     Check for proper licensing and valid insurance

Most states require licensing for roofing contractors. The State of Florida also falls into this category and mandates specific certification requirements for roofing contractors. Before you do any business with the contractor, require them to provide you with an active license. Additionally, be certain your contractor has liability insurance.

Not having adequate insurance can potentially lead to litigation between you and the contractor in case of employee injury. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. So make sure the roofing company you choose provides you with a copy of a valid insurance certificate.

4.     Get all of the details in writing

To build on the previous tip, not only should you understand all of the licensing terms and details, but you should insist that everything essential is put in writing. An established and trustworthy roofing company shouldn’t have any issues with this. This is especially important if you want to use a financing option, like one of the many we offer our customers. Make sure there are no confusing parts and or hidden stipulations in your contract.

5.     Price is important. But it isn’t everything

It might be tempting to base your choices on contractor prices, but you shouldn’t. Always keep in mind — you get what you pay for. Trying to save money by opting for the cheapest contractor often costs more money in the long run when inadequate work needs to be fixed. Cheap bids from contractors that try to win customers over by underbidding only drive down the market and lower the quality of the industry. Getting a reasonable price should be a priority. But it isn’t as important as ensuring you get quality workmanship from a trusted contractor.

6.     Never give in to pressure

Watch out for contractors who pressure you to make decisions that you don’t think are best for your project. A roofing contractor who doesn’t present you with different roofing options is most likely putting his interests before yours. For example, some roofers might try to convince you to use specific types of materials when renovating your roof. Never give in to such pressure, as the color and style of shingles you install can significantly impact the value of your house, for better or worse. You should always know your choices and pick the type of roof that’s best for your home.

7.     Have Clear Communication With the Contractor

Does your contractor respond promptly to your calls and emails? Do they provide you with the necessary documentation and info without hesitation? If not, voice your concerns to their customer staff. Good communication is key to every business partnership. If you’re not satisfied with how the contractor treats you during your consultations, chances are high that you won’t be happy with how they carry out the roofing project.  

8.     Take care of your deductible

If your contractor claims they can handle the repair without you having to pay the insurance deductible, there are two reasons why. Either they’ll use low-grade materials and try to cut costs at every corner, or you have an incredibly generous insurance company. And, it’s never the latter. Always remember that taking care of the insurance deductible is your responsibility. When it comes to this part of the roofing project, the contractor is there only to make a realistic estimate.

9.     Have a comprehensive warranty

Mistakes can happen, and there’s always a chance something won’t go as planned. If the contractor installs the roof incorrectly, the damage won’t be visible immediately. Sometimes it can take months or even years for the first signs to show up. If this happens, the insurance company won’t agree to pay for the contractor’s mistakes. If you don’t get a workmanship warranty before the repair, you’ll be left to pay for the fixes yourself. This is something you should plan for in advance and ask for the most comprehensive warranty you can get.

10. Ask about future repairs and unplanned fixes

Unplanned repairs and quick fixes are more often the rule than the exception. And, as one of the most crucial parts of your house, your roof often demands extra care and maintenance. Inquire with your roofer about unplanned repairs and roof fixes. This way, when you need an emergency roof repair, you’ll know what to expect and whom to call.

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor: A Takeaway Message

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