Roof Materials Supply Shortage 2021: What You Need to Know

roofing materials supply shortage

You’d think everything would immediately return to business as usual as the economy recovers. But the world is slowly healing from pandemic-related issues and industries are still afflicted. The roofing industry, in particular, won’t recover from the roofing materials supply shortage anytime soon.

Roofing materials shortages: Why it’s happening

When the novel coronavirus was spreading rapidly around the world, many things were put on pause. Albeit, the US only had to deal with two months of lockdown. But this alone had a devastating effect on transportation and manufacturing processes. Because of this pause, roofing contractors had their schedules obstructed.

With the shingle and roof insulation shortage and lack of transportation, contractors were not only faced with delayed delivery, but they also had to contend with drastic price increases in various roofing materials.

For these reasons alone, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you get the roofing you need. 

The roofing materials supply shortage has caused many issues for contractors. Likewise, consumers have also been afflicted, which is why you should hire a contractor if you recognize any signs of a failing roof on your property.

Roofing Material Price Increase 2021

The bottom line is, the roofing materials supply shortage has caused a dramatic price increase over the past year. But worst of all, decreasing prices are only slowly occurring over time. has indicated that while prices are dipping, good pricing won’t occur until 2023. 

The price of construction materials has risen 20.8% on a year-to-year basis with only a 0.6% drop from July to August. With nonresidential construction materials, specifically, overall pricing has increased by 21.6% compared to what it was only a year ago.

A commercial roofing material shortage has also caused severe pricing swings. 

Massive properties often rely on durable metal to support their foundations. Unfortunately, a commercial roofing material shortage has made large-scale roofing a burden as iron and steel prices have increased 95.2% year-over-year.

Besides increased prices from the metal roof shortage, other roofing materials have had monthly price increases of 3% or more, including:

  • Prepared asphalt
  • Steel mill products
  • Natural gas
  • Fabricated structural metal products

What you can do about the roofing materials shortage

If you find yourself needing roof repairs but are worried about increased costs, don’t fret. The best thing you can do is hire a contractor right away. 

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, call us at 813-373-9088 ​​for a free estimate. 

Despite the metal roof shortage and the roofing insulation shortage, our business has adapted to these unprecedented times. It’s still our mission to always provide consumers the highest quality work at the most competitive rates.

You can rely on us for commercial flat roofing. Despite the TPO roofing material shortage, we’ve got you covered. 

Preparing for Storm Season

Storm season is upon us, and if you’re a Florida resident, this could mean the end of your roof unless you take quick action.

Hurricane Ida left behind a path of destruction that still devastates many property owners in the Northeastern US. The chief issue most of these owners face is roof damage.

Roof damage from storms and materials shortages

Hurricane Ida hit roofs hard. But many residential and commercial property owners still find themselves today with damaged roofs. 

Of course, this is due to increased demand for roof repair and replacement. But lack of supplies are also to blame, such as the roofing insulation shortage.

In particular, the roofing nail shortage has impeded necessary repairs and replacements. Even property owners whose roofs are currently under construction will have to wait a while before construction is finished.

Roof shingle shortage 

The roof shingle shortage 2021 dilemma, paired with delayed transportation, is preventing contractors from engaging in continual work. While this has always been an issue during storm season, the pandemic has worsened it.

For the most part, and so far, this storm season has been kind to Floridians. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to wait.

If your roof needs a repair or a replacement, consider hiring Code Engineered Systems, Inc. We value our clients just as much as we value quality and efficient work. 

Through our efforts, we will always do our best to provide you with the best residential roofing in a timely manner. Likewise, you can expect the same quality if you’re in the market for commercial roofing projects, regardless of the metal roof shortage or the EPDM roofing shortage.

What to Expect

The roofing industry is facing widespread shortages, including the EPDM roofing shortage, the TPO roofing material shortage, and much more.

But even if you schedule a repair or replacement, there are certain issues you should be mindful of when a roofer visits.

Extended Work

If you were able to hire a contractor to work on your roof, don’t have high hopes for a timely completion date. Your contractor may be working on your roof for a while.

Because of the roofing materials supply shortage, your contractor might not be able to get the job finished as soon as you expect. It’s even possible that they may not determine a completion date at all.

You’ll likely have to wait for your contractor to get the supplies they need while they’re repairing your roof.

Underlayment Exposure

The roofing shingle shortage 2021 dilemma might mean that your underlayment will be exposed for extended periods. 

If you find a contractor that isn’t able to provide the underlayment protection your roof needs before shingle application, we advise that you reconsider your options. Ideally, you should hire an expert that is well-versed in roofing. They will know how to protect the underlayment as they wait for shingles.

At Code Engineered Systems, we have a team of knowledgeable roofing experts on the payroll. We’ll gladly advise you on the necessary steps to protect your underlayment. 

Despite the roofing shingle shortage 2021 dilemma, you can rest assured that we can help you.

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