Protect Your Tampa Roof from Animals: Steps to Take

protect tampa roof from animals

Wild animals carry various diseases and can endanger your family members’ health. Animals living on the roof or in the attic can also cause significant damage and weaken the structure of your home. They aren’t paying rent. So it’s time to evict these unwanted tenants. We’ll outline the most effective steps you can take to protect your Tampa roof from animals on this page.  

Shield Vulnerable Entry Points of Your Tampa Roof from Animals

Animals scurrying around on the roof are often looking for the most accessible entry points to get inside. To effectively deal with your roof’s potentially vulnerable points, it’s essential to know what to look for when conducting a routine roof inspection.


The rainy season in Florida lasts for the better part of the year. But, when it’s dry, most homeowners tend to ignore their gutters. Debris-filled gutters are prime real estate for birds to build their nests. 

Once birds nest in the gutters and their eggs hatch, they’ll look for even more places to occupy in your roof. This is when they can also spread into your attic. Routine gutter cleaning can go a long way in helping you avoid such pesky problems.

Damaged Roof Patches

Some parts of your roof tend to deteriorate at a faster rate than others. Due to prolonged exposure to the elements, roof sheaths, eave corners, and ridge caps are prone to rotting.

When rotten, these parts are no match for small rodents, who can easily chew through them. If left unattended, the small opening may invite bats and raccoons, which will find their way through the structure and into your attic.

Missing shingles or a cluster of broken shingles can attract animals, and they can get into the attic. If you notice any weak points or damaged patches on the roof, make sure to contact your trusted local roofing contractor. Animals are no match for a well-maintained Tampa roof. 

Roof Vents

Roof vents are generally frail. Ambitious birds and rodents can penetrate roof vents easily. Even if your roof vents are covered, small rodents can find their way through. The best way to avoid an animal infestation through this potential weak point would be to conduct periodic inspections to find and cover any breaches.


If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, or anywhere in Florida for that matter, you don’t get to use your chimney many times over the year. An unused chimney is an ideal shelter for all animals seeking a cool and dark place during the hot summer months.

Same as with roof vents, the best way to discourage animals from nesting in your chimneys is to carry out periodic chimney inspections.

Additional Tips on How to Protect Your Tampa Roof from Animals

You can take additional steps to make your home a less-appealing target for pests looking for shelter. Here’s how you can discourage unwanted animal house guests from moving in before they get near your roof.

Always Dispose of Your Trash Promptly

The simplest thing you can do is make sure you throw out all of the trash and waste on time. The biggest reason animals infest households is they’re attracted to a stable supply of food or water. So, something as simple as keeping your trash contained and disposed of promptly can significantly contribute to keeping animals off your roof.

Of course, for some pesky animals, such as raccoons, closed trash cans aren’t enough to keep them away. In such cases, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep pesky critters out of your garbage.

Consider tying down the lid, spraying your trash can with an ammonia-based cleaning solution, or try placing moth balls around the trash can.

Trim Any Trees Close to Your House

Trees near your home serve as easy access points for animals who want to nest on your roof. Rats, mice, and squirrels can reach the branches dangling over your house and easily access your roof.

Squirrels, thanks to their jumping ability, can make a jump of several feet or more. For this reason, you should trim the branches to around 7 or 8 feet from your roof to make sure that they won’t be able to make the jump across.

Use Animal Repellent

No matter how cute they are, raccoons and squirrels can be a nuisance that can be hard to evict once they get into your home. If everything else fails, using an animal repellent will keep animals far away from your roof.

There are many animal repellents available on the market, including a few eco-friendly options. You can spray them around the areas which you suspect to be the access point for these critters.

Keeping Animals Off Your Tampa Roof: A Summary

Prevention is always the answer when it comes to keeping animals off of your roof. So, make sure to remember all of the tips we shared with you on this page. We also urge you to be aware that inspecting the roof on your own can be dangerous. So be mindful of common rooftop safety hazards.  

If you have any further questions or need help protecting your roof from wild animals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We provide both commercial and residential roofing services in the entire Tampa Bay Area.

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