How Do I Install a New Roof if I Have Solar Panels?

solar panels roof install

Solar power is becoming a more prevalent energy source. Many homeowners are starting to use solar panels to supply their households with alternative energy. These panels have a life cycle of over 30 years. They’re an excellent long-term answer for those who want to maximize savings on their electricity bills. 

But, what happens if you have to remove or replace your roof just a few years after installing solar panels on it? If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, read this page. Find the best solutions to this complex problem. 

Should you replace your roof before installing solar panels?

In most cases, solar panels will outlast the roofing material. For this reason, it’s always best to have your roof evaluated before installing solar panels. This will help you know whether or not the roof can support an installation. Also, it will provide you insight if your roof is heading towards the end of its life-cycle.

We recommend you get an expert roofing company to assess your roof. Suppose the roofer determines that you need to repair or replace your roof before installing solar panels. In that case, you should do so to avoid any problems with your roof down the line.

Moreover, since solar panels are more durable and weather-resistant than roofing materials, they will protect the roof portions that are located underneath. This will help extend the expected lifetime of your entire roofing structure.

These projects work best when the roofer and the solar contractor communicate before and during the installation process. Your roofer will likely have referrals for reliable solar contractors, and vice versa. In any case, pairing solar panels with a new roof is an excellent long-term investment. If you decide to go down this route, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace your roof during the solar panels’ lifetime.

Replacing your roof before investing in solar panels can help you save quite a bit. You’ll be avoiding all of the additional costs that come with removing and re-installing solar panels. 

How Much Does The Solar Panel Removal Cost?

Say you’ve found a problem in your roofing structure and need to replace a roof with solar panels on it. Unfortunately, there will be high labor costs beyond the expected average project costs for a new roof. Why? Because your solar contractor will have to remove the panels for the roofer to install a new roof. Then re-install them on the newly-installed roof.

In this situation, it’ll also be harder to make a ballpark prediction of the overall costs, mainly because they can vary significantly. On average, removing and re-installing solar panels costs between $1500 and $5500. On top of this, you also have to add the cost of your roof replacement project itself. Keep in mind that such a project will also take longer to complete than how long it usually takes a professional roofing service to replace your roof.  

What to ask your solar panel installer

Suppose you find the re-roofing and re-installing process concerning and overly-complicated. It’s always a good idea to ask your contractor about their experience, the typical cost for projects of similar size, and any other aspects you consider important. If you find a reputable local contractor, they might even specify the price for you on the spot, before you even get the contract.

During this process, you should also inquire about the contractor’s warranty policy for any roofing issues that could occur during solar panel installation. Such problems are rare. But it’s best to know all of the details before you start the project. These warranties can vary from contractor to contractor. But the typical warranty for this type of work is ten years.

Should I buy solar shingles?

Over the past couple of years, solar shingles, like those offered by Tesla, have captured many US homeowners’ attention. This is undoubtedly an attractive alternative to consider. Solar shingles promise the best of both worlds. Since the solar shingles also act as a roofing material, you don’t have to spend money on two separate projects. But you can still enjoy the benefits of both.

Due to being a relatively new invention, solar shingles are not always the best option for every homeowner’s needs. The complex production technology behind them makes these shingles very expensive compared to other roofing materials.

Also, solar shingles are much less efficient than classic solar panels. You would need a much larger roof area to generate the same amount of solar power. In the current market, solar shingles’ upfront installation cost is still significantly higher than just installing a roof with traditional solar panels.

Is a Solar Panel roof installation the right choice for you?

There’s no arguing that using solar energy can help homeowners save thousands of dollars over several decades. Even when you consider the average costs of installation, and include one re-roofing project, the overall savings solar panels provide still make this energy investment worthwhile.

It’s essential to ensure the best quality of service in your roofing partner and solar panel contractor. If your roof is about to go caput or needs repair, we’ll be happy to help you with this project.If you’re looking for a solar panel roof install contractor, we can help you find a trustworthy partner. Call us today at 813-373-9088. Or fill out our online form to get a free roof estimate for your next project.

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