Do I Need a Roofing License to Replace My Own Roof in Florida?

You are allowed to install a roof on your own home without a roofing license if it is the home of your primary residence. This does not apply to investment properties such as rental homes. You are still required to follow all the same regulations that a professional roofing contractor would have to follow. This means that you will need to pull all the necessary permits, notice of commencements, and have the roof inspected and passed by the building department. This is to ensure that the roof is installed properly and professionally to protect you, your family, and possible future owners of your home if you choose to sell it. It is important that you contact the county to ensure you follow all the necessary procedures. There have been numbers of cases where the building department has required homeowners to undo work or redo work so you will need to be certain that everything you do is done correctly.

Although you may want to install your own roof to save money, it could cost you in the long-run if not done properly. Your roof is the most important barrier for your home from the harsh Florida weather such as wind, rain, hail etc. and if not installed correctly the cost could hurt your wallet dearly with continuous roof repairs and possible structural damage to the frame and others parts of the building. If you plan on installing a new roof on your home, please first consult a professional roofing expert. To schedule a free estimate please fill out our free estimate for or call us today.

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