Top 10 Components of a High Quality Roof Replacement System: What You Need to Know

high quality roof replacement system

Roofs are arguably the most exposed components of a building. They can take a terrible beating from consistent exposure to the sun, high winds, and storms. In due time, your roof will require a total replacement. But before you pick up the phone and call the first roofing company you find online, it’s imperative you do your research on getting a high quality roof replacement system.

Roof replacements require an experienced contractor at the helm

Your roof, while strong in its own regard, is still a delicate area of your home that must be treated exceptionally well during replacement. If you just hire some random contractor without digging into their values and knowing about their operations, then you risk hiring someone who will damage your roof. And as a result, you will likely have to pay more out of pocket to get the repairs and replacement you need.

At Code Engineered Systems, we’ve been replacing roofs in the Tampa Bay area for 17+ years. Instead of making your roof replacement project a guessing game, continue reading to learn the top ten components of a high quality roof replacement system.

Finding the Right Contractor for high quality roof replacement system

It’s important to note that not all contractors will incorporate all of the below components into their roof replacement systems. 

When you’re looking for the right contractor, you shouldn’t expect any to have all ten of the following components. But a good contractor will have most, or even half, of what the below list entails. 

So, as you’re searching for a contractor, be mindful of what you think your roof needs the most and select a company you think is suitable for the job. Code Engineered Systems is experienced in providing roofing services and can provide the replacement you need.

What are the top components of a high quality roof replacement system?

While each system is unique based on the company who performs it, it’s commonly agreed that the below listed components are valued the most in roof replacement systems. To learn more about certain components and their functions on your roof, click HERE

Improving The Existing Structure

When your contractor comes for inspection, your roof’s structure could get weakened even further. Hence, the first job of your contractor should be to correct your roof’s structure.

If you have an old roof, its wooden rafters will likely need a replacement as the rest of the roof is fortified.

Good Underlayment

Your roof’s underlayment is a crucial part of its structure. Because your roof’s materials are installed on this, it should have a waterproof layer that can protect against minor water damages before they are discovered. At the same time, however, your underlayment should not prevent air circulation entirely.

Roof Edge (Drip Edge)

Gutters exist at the edge of a roof so that water collected from rainfall flows through them and out through the downspouts. Despite how well installed they are, though, water is still able to seep through a narrow gap that isn’t collected in the gutters. When seeping through the edge, water can wet the fascia boards and soffit, causing them to deteriorate over time.

When replacing your roof, a good roofer will prevent said damage by installing a metal drip edge along the eaves.

Hip And Ridge Caps

The ridge is an area of a gabled roof where the two sloping sides meet right at the apex. The ridge will have gaps between the two converging sides where the caps must be installed. A hipped roof also has a similar area where two sloping sides meet and should also have a cap installed

The installation of both hip and ridge caps are needed to help prevent vermin invasion and are a necessary part of any high quality roof replacement system. If you want to hire a roofing company that will ensure such protection, trust the experts over at Code Engineered Systems.

Shingle Starter Strip

During replacement, any good contractor will make sure this component is added as it is highly important for the health of your roof. 

Powerful winds can lift roofing shingles at any given moment. But in order to prevent this crisis, a shingle starter strip with a powerful mounted adhesive band can be installed at the trims. With one installed, the first layer of your shingles can be firmly held in place, thus reducing the chance of any foil blow-offs.

Valley Flashings

Roof valleys connect two adjacent roof slopes. They must be covered using metal sheets called flashings.

If your valleys aren’t covered with flashings, rain water will seep through and cause damage to the roof’s structure.

Chimney Flashing

Much like your roof valleys, chimney bases should also be sealed with flashings. More often than not, they are sealed using metal sheets and roofing cement.

Trim Capping

This is arguably one of the most important components of a high quality roof replacement system that is meant to maintain your fascia and soffit.

Because of their positioning on a roof, fascia and soffit are highly vulnerable to the outside elements. Due to this, capping is required for their protection while simultaneously providing your roof with a trimmed look.

Guards For Your Gutters

Gutters are a very important part of your roof and one that should be considered for any roof replacement system. When clogged, gutters can cause issues with the entire roofing systems. They can even impact the home’s foundation if water isn’t adequately directed away from it.

Clogged gutters collect debris and put a strain on your roof. So, it’s important to clean the gutters frequently to preserve your roof’s overall strength.

Pipe Collars

Galvanized steels are often used for pipe collars to seal pipe bases. Their inclusion in roof replacement systems are necessary to prevent water from entering through gaps and around vent pipes.

In Need of a High Quality Roof Replacement System? Contact Code Engineered Systems Right Away

Getting your roof replaced is a serious job that is best left for only the most qualified professionals. The experts at Code Engineered Systems can replace your roof with no problems at all, ensuring your peace of mind as your roof is cared for and in good hands.

If you’re interested in a free roof estimate, you can call us at 813-373-9088. Or you can fill out our online form HERE.

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