Can I Get My Roof Replaced During the Coronavirus Crisis?

roof replaced during coronavirus

With over half a million confirmed cases in the US, the Coronavirus has quickly become a significant threat to the safety and health of many citizens. The pandemic has also heavily impacted the way businesses operate in the country. Florida’s social distancing instructions are more lenient compared to those in other states. 

While there are still specific rules in place, homeowners in Florida and the Tampa Bay area can go about their business when it comes to many everyday activities. That includes hiring contractors for house renovation projects. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your roof replaced during the Coronavirus crisis while abiding by the social distancing guidelines.

The Current State of Coronavirus Affairs in Florida

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been looking into reopening sports and exercise venues state-wide. This has already been preceded by the opening of some beaches, golf clubs, and other facilities. Whereas we’re still quite aways from getting back to normal, the peak of cases in the state of Florida is expected to happen around April 21. This indicates Florida’s been successful in flattening the curve over the previous weeks. Things are slowly getting back on track.

But since there still isn’t a vaccine for the virus, we can’t exactly tell how long it will take for the economy to normalize. The underlying truth is that the US roofing industry has been affected by the crisis. The pandemic has forced companies to adapt to constant changes and supply breakdowns. With order cancellations, logistic issues, material shortages, and extended delays, most roofing companies have suffered interruptions due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Which leads us to another important question.

Will the Coronavirus Crisis Impact the Price of Replacing Your Roof?

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant economic impact on many businesses throughout the US, raising prices of goods and services all across the board. However, as a stable company with over a decade and a half of experience, we’ve maintained the same business model we had before the crisis. This means that you’ll get an exact price quote from us that you would’ve gotten a few months ago — pre-coronavirus.

But, there’s no universal price that can be applied for every roofing job, as no two projects are the same. Why? Because the final cost of your particular roofing project can depend on many different factors. The overall surface area of your roof, the materials you opt for, the amount of detail, and other aspects all impact the final price of the project.

Useful Tips on How to Set Up a Roofing Project During the Crisis

The outbreak has undoubtedly impacted how we go about our day-to-day lives. But you can still get high-quality work done on your roof and ensure that it’s up to snuff and ready for the rainy season. Below are a couple of handy tips on how you can get your roof replaced while abiding by the state’s social distancing guidelines. 

Hire Online

When talking to a contractor, you can use a video sharing platform and avoid any face-to-face contact from start to finish. Use video conferencing tools like Zoom, which has proven to be an excellent way for people to connect over the past few months. You can send your contractor pictures and videos, which will allow them to create a comprehensive estimate without having to visit your home.

Additionally, there are quite a few 3D modeling apps available online. Consider using these as well, as they can give you a good idea of how the final product will look before you decide on a roof color combination. Or choose a specific roofing material. When you agree on an estimate, you can use an electronic signature app like DocuSign to avoid any physical contact when signing a contract.

Avoid Direct Contact During On-site Work

Unlike some contracting jobs, a roof repair or new roof installation doesn’t require contractors to enter your home. With that in mind, it’s best to ensure that you’re indoors while contractors are performing on-site work. Most roof replacement projects only take a couple of days at maximum. They’re carried out during daytime work hours, even if you need a complete roof replacement service.

So, even if you’re inside the entire time, the noise will be manageable over such a short period. As the project goes on, your contractor can send you pictures to keep you updated on the progress. When the roof replacement is completed, use a virtual payment method, or pay with your card online.

With these two tips in mind, you’ll be able to get your roof replaced during the Coronavirus crisis, without putting yourself or your family at risk. You can stay in during the whole process and still have complete control and be confident that everything goes according to your expectations.

A Quick Recap on Replacing Your Roof During the Coronavirus Crisis

To sum it up, getting a roof replacement during the Covid19 pandemic isn’t a complicated task. Still, it’s best to take certain precautions and go by the guidelines to avoid any issues when the project starts. 

The pandemic in Florida appears to slowly be reaching its peak. But you should still do everything you can to minimize direct interaction with other people until the crisis is over. Use online methods of communication and take advantage of every useful virtual tool. That way, you can eliminate the need for any direct contact and stay safe while performing important touch ups-on your home.

At Code Engineering Systems, we’re fully dedicated to providing professional and quality services, especially during extraordinary times like these. With our excellent customer service and experienced contractors, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing you have a reliable roofing partner at your side. Fill out our simple online form today and get a free estimate for your roof service. 

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