What is the Role of an Architect?

Role of an Arcitect

In simplistic and obvious terms. The role of an arcitect is to create and draw the designs of a project for their client. The architect will visualize the client’s needs from conception to completion. Successful arcitects are capable of working well with their client, engineers, contractors, and manufactuers. Architects bear a lot of responsibility as they need to balance many factors such as materials, costs, methods, and environmental impact of the project. Architects also invlove many other consultants as well including many types of engineers including structural, mechanical, environmental etc. along with site planners, landscapers, interior space planners and other consulants that may be needed for the project.

Architects must also work with governmental agencies due to zoing, building codes, and city planners. Although the contractos are the people who pull the permits, the arcitect must assued that the plans are in accordance with the governmental requirements. To learn more about the role of an arcitect please visit the following link. The Role of an Architect (AIA Florida) (aiafla.org)

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