Roofing & Construction Related Questions & Answers

Q: What is Dressed Lumber and Undressed Lumber?

A: Dressed lumber is lumber that has been machine finished and is smooth on all surfaces. Undressed Lumber is sawn lumber that has not been planed, sanded, or finished.

Q: Aggregate can be used as a roof covering on slopes less than what?

A: Aggregate can be used as a roof covering on roofs slopes that are less than 3:12 not less than 400 lbs or roofing gravel per square or 300 lbs of slag per square.

Q: What Factors Determine the Price of Roof Trusses?


  1. Cost of materials and labor.
  2. Spacing and loading conditions.
  3. Degree of difficulty for installation.
  4. Local building code requirements.

Q: What is the Spacing of Wood Roof Trusses that Support Roof Sheathing?

A: Usually the spacing of wood roof trusses that support sheathing is 24 inches. If the roof load is light and a ceiling is not required, spacings of 4′ to 4’10” are advantageous. If snow loads are heavy, spacing of 16 inches or even 12 inches are often used.

Q: Drip edge must be mechanically fastened how many inches on center?

A: Drip edge shall be mechanically fastened a maximum of 12 inches on center.

Q: How many construction workers in the construction industry are employed by subcontractors

A: According to the American Subcontractors of America, 90% of the construction industry work force is employed by subcontractors?

Q: When should a Permit Bond be charged to office overhead?

A: If a contractor regularly operates in an area that requires a permit bond, the permit bond should be charged to office overhead. If the permit bond is required for a specific job, the permit bond can be charged directly to the job expense.

Q: What is the Percentage of Completion Formula?

A: You can read more about the percentage of completion method here The Percentage of Completion Method & Formula Explained | Levelset

Q: What is the width of a chimney on the ridge side that required a cricket or saddle?

A: 30 inches on the ridge side.

Q: What is a sales journal?

A: A sales journal is a detailed record of all of the company’s income from operations. The sales journal will be needed for your financial statements. The sales journal also provides a way for you to compare the company’s performance to the prior year. What is a Sales Journal? – Definition | Meaning | Example (

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