How Much Is A Metal Roof In Tampa?

metal roof Tampa

Types Of Metal Roofs

If you’re looking for a metal roof in Tampa, you probably either have one that you need to replace or you’re thinking about upgrading from your current roof. If you’re upgrading, your home probably has an asphalt shingle roof, as 70% of American homes have. Either way, your new metal roof will give you potentially your last roof, as some metal roofs will last 50+ years. But you’ll find that there’s great variety in your choices, and in cost, so let’s look at your options. So how much is a metal roof in Tampa?

Metal Roof Choices

  • Screw-down steel roofing
  • Standing-seam steel roofing
  • Galvalume roofing
  • Aluminum roofing
  • Aluminum shingles
  • Zinc roofing
  • Copper roofing
  • Metal shingles

That’s a lot to consider! But we can break it down and make it simple.

Screw-down steel roofing

Screw-down or top-fastened steel roofing comes in large sheets. You’ll find it available at the big-box stores for use as shed and barn roofing and siding. That’s why some people think of it as an agricultural or industrial material. It works fine on your home, as well. Your contractor will attach it with special screws that have a rubber washer. When the installer places each screw, the rubber washer gets squished a bit to create a water-tight seal. It’s a good idea to inspect those screws periodically, as wind forces can cause them to loosen a bit. It’s normal, but you should be aware.

You’ll find dozens of color choices available. The main drawback, of course, will be the potential for rust. Especially near the coast. You can have that repaired and repainted, so it may not affect the lifespan much, if at all. And you’re looking at a very tough roof also, that will withstand impacts and storms very well at a low cost, and should easily last 25–30 years.

metal roof Tampa
Screw-down roofing uses special screws with rubber washers.

A screw-down roof will run you about $550 per square for the installed price, so around $11,000 for a 2000 square foot home. A square, by the way, is how roofers estimate jobs. It’s just 100 square feet. I’ll use these metrics to compare all the following materials. That’s not an exact estimate, but a ballpark figure to give you an idea. You could have some repair costs, or you could upgrade your underlayment, for example.

Standing-seam steel roofing

A standing-seam roof is definitely an upgrade over a screw-down roof, and the cost will reflect that. You may be able to get a roof that’s seamless from eave to ridge, as well. It’s super clean and tidy looking. This type of roof uses special clips that the crew screws into the roof deck. Then they bend the panels so they overlap each other and snap into the clips, which hides the clips and locks it all together. It’s a tough, secure, and clean-looking system.

metal roof Tampa

Aluminum roofing

Like steel roofing, you can choose a standing-seam aluminum roof with an attractive painted finish. You can also choose unpainted aluminum but it’s a flat gray color; not very attractive in my opinion. The cost will be roughly the same as a steel roof, but the main advantage is that aluminum will not rust. That could be the deciding factor if your home is located near the coast. This roof should last around 50 years.

Cost, again, should start at around $1000 per square, so you can figure roughly $20,000 for your 2000-square foot home.

Aluminum Shingles/Tiles

You can also take advantage of aluminum’s rust-free nature by choosing aluminum shingles or tiles. The manufacturers stamp small sheets of aluminum to make them resemble cedar shakes or clay tiles and then add a durable painted finish. All those tiles fit and lock together to create a strong and monolithic structure that’s stiff and attractive. It should be a 50-year roof, and it will never rust!

This type of roof requires a bit less labor than a standing-seam roof, so your cost will be a bit less. This roof is around $900 per square installed. That comes out to around $18,000 for your 2000-square foot home.

Galvalume roofing

Galvalume is a hybrid of sorts. It’s steel sheets with a coating of aluminum and zinc for rust prevention. You can add a durable Kynar paint finish and they look just like sheet steel roofing. This product has been on the market since the early 1970s and it has performed well for a low cost. You can expect it to be a 25–35 year roof.

As for cost, it’s a bit more than standard steel at about $600 per square. That totals $10,800 for the installed price.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is one of the premium material and is one of the more popular choices in Europe. It’s expensive, but as it should last 80–100 years it’s actually a great value. Over time zinc’s natural pewter color will develop a darker patina that helps to protect the material. You can choose a zinc roof in either standing seam or in shingles.

Cost comes in at $1200 per square and up, so $24,000 and up for your 2000-square foot home.

Copper roofing

Similar to zinc but a much bolder aesthetic statement, nothing else looks like a new copper roof. Copper is similar to zinc in that it will also develop a protective patina over time. The classic green verdigis look that you see typically takes decades to fully develop, but if your home is your castle it may be just what you want! Copper doesn’t rust, either, and though it’s a soft metal, copper roofs can definitely last 100 years.

So like a zinc roof, a copper roof at $1500 per square is a good value. That totals $30,000 or more for your 2000-square foot home, but that roof will almost certainly be there when you’re long gone.

Steel shingles

Like aluminum shingles or tiles mentioned above, you can get attractive and durable shingles made from tough steel. The manufacturers stamp the sheets to resemble clay tiles or cedar shakes and they’re quite attractive. They give you much lighter weight than clay tiles and much greater durability and fire resistance than cedar shakes. Compared to aluminum, though aluminum won’t rust, steel is a much tougher material overall; it provides better impact resistance, in particular. These shingles get a super-tough painted finish, and some get a “stone-coated” finish that’s also super durable.

metal roof Tampa
Steel shingles can resemble clay tiles.

You’ll also pay a bit less than for aluminum shingles at about $750 per square. So that totals about $15,000 for your 2000-square foot home. And this should be around a 40-50 year roof.

How To Get A Lifetime Roof

We’d all like to get the most longevity from all we buy. Here in Florida, though, we realize that the next hurricane could destroy our brand-new roof. That’s life, but a top-quality roof like a metal roof in Tampa does definitely stand a better chance of surviving with less damage than some other types of roofing. As always, we do the best can and deal with what comes our way.

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