How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Garage Roof?

replace garage roof costs

The cost of replacing a garage roof depends on several variables. The roof pitch, type of materials, and size all affect how much you’ll pay for a garage roof replacement. Although the cost to replace a garage roof can be over a thousand dollars, it is a wise investment to protect your property. 

A typical garage roof in Florida needs replacing every 20 to 25 years. But, many factors affect when a garage roof replacement is necessary. For example, constant sunshine, high humidity, coastal air, and hurricanes can affect how long a garage roof lasts. And storm damage may mean a roof needs replacing sooner than its 25-year life span. 

So, if you’ve noticed signs of damage to a garage roof — curled or cracked shingles, damaged flashing, or water leaks — it may be time to count the cost of replacing it.

Breakdown of the Costs to Replace a Garage Roof

Replacing a garage roof with asphalt shingles can cost between $1,000 and $2,500. However, the final bill for restoring the roof depends on whether you need to remove and install the entire roof. Additionally, replacing roofing material with a better quality covering can also impact the cost. And whether the garage is attached to your home or detached can also affect how much you will pay.

Here are the approximate costs for replacing the materials on a standard 280 sq. ft garage roof. 

  • Asphalt shingles: $1,010
  • Metal garage roof: $2,250
  • Slate roof: $4,150

Suppose you need a local roofing company in Tampa Bay to remove the existing garage roof to install a new one. In that case, you should add 10% to 20% to the cost of materials. In addition, the price will be proportionally more if you have a two-car or three-car garage. 

Many homes in Florida are built using asphalt shingles because they are cost-effective and have a 15 to 20-year life span. And if your home already has a shingle roof, then it makes sense to replace the garage roof with similar material. 

It’s good to note that garage roofs generally require replacing after 15 years. Therefore, after this time, you should regularly inspect the roof for signs of damage. If there is damage to garage roofs under ten years old, you may be able to get a roofing company to do high-quality repairs to extend the roof’s life span. 

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Other Factors Affecting the Cost of a Garage Roof Replacement 

In addition to replacing the roof covering on a garage roof, there may be additional costs to replace a root. For example, replacing flashing, repairing plywood sheathing, or paying for permits may be necessary. Sometimes, homeowners decide it is worthwhile to replace shingles with a more durable roofing solution. 

The quality of materials is another factor affecting the cost of a garage roof replacement. For example, suppose you want to replace the roof covering with a higher quality material. In that case, you can expect to pay more. However, you have peace of mind that the new shingles will last longer. 

Here are the additional costs of replacing a garage roof. 

Cost to replace flashing on a garage roof

If your garage roof has skylights or a chimney, it may require replacing the flashing. However, even if you are not replacing the entire roof, flashing can get damaged due to harsh elements or other damage. In this case, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for each skylight or chimney. 

Cost to replace roof decking or plywood sheathing on a garage roof

It may be necessary to replace the garage roof decking underneath the asphalt shingles. Extensive water damage or leaks can cause the plywood sheathing to rot, in which case, replacing it is the only option. A standard plywood sheet generally measures 4 ft. by 8 ft. and costs between $14 and $21, depending on the thickness. 

Signs Your Garage Roof Need Replacing 

It is a good idea to arrange a roof inspection in Florida every year. In the Sunshine State, this is essential because roofs have to ensure battering throughout the hurricane season and then sunshine and humidity the rest of the year. However, when a garage roof is ten to 15 years old, you should consider replacing it.

Suppose you notice signs of damage to a garage roof. In that case, it’s best to have a professional roofing expert examine its condition. They can give the best advice if it’s necessary to repair or replace your garage roof. 

What are the tell-tale signs you may need to arrange for a garage roof repair or replacement before then? Here are some things to look for from inside and outside your garage. 

Signs of water damage from inside your garage

From inside your garage, it can be easy to spot signs of damage to the roof. In most cases, these require further investigation to assess the extent of the damage and repair cost. Here is what to look for: 

  • Brown marks on the ceiling or wall caused by water stains.
  • Black, green, or brown patches of mold where dampness occurs. 
  • Water leaks after rainfall.
  • Sagging areas in the ceiling.
  • Light coming from outside showing through holes on the roof.

Signs of garage roof damage from outside

During an annual roof inspection, you should also check your garage roof for signs of damage. Here are some things to look for:

  • Dark patches on the shingles because they’ve lost their granules.
  • Curling or missing shingles.
  • Damage to flashing around skylights, chimneys, or the joint between the garage and house. 

Granules on shingles help protect them from sunlight damage. Therefore, replacing these shingles as soon as possible is best to avoid paying for an expensive garage roof repair or replacement. 

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