How is an Asphalt Shingle Roof Installed? The Process Explained

asphalt shingle installation

Asphalt shingle roof installation is one of the most popular options homeowners in Florida choose. Installing asphalt shingles means using a cost-effective roofing material. Additionally, asphalt shingles are versatile and durable, improving your home’s aesthetics and protecting it from harsh weather conditions in the Sunshine State. 

Proper asphalt shingle installation is crucial. By enlisting a trusted local roofing contractor to install an asphalt roof, you can avoid many issues, such as leaks, premature aging, and even structural damage.

A roofing contractor begins asphalt shingle installations by assessing the existing roof. Then, they strip the old materials, repair any damage, and install underlayment for weatherproofing. Next, they install the asphalt shingles, typically starting from the bottom and working upward. Finally, they secure shingles, add flashing, and ensure proper ventilation for a durable, watertight roof.

Are you looking to replace an asphalt single roof in Tampa Bay, FL? If so, this guide will help you understand what is involved with asphalt shingle roof installation and where to find the best deals. 

Why Choose Us for an Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation

Code Engineered Systems is a family-owned roofing company in Tampa Bay, FL. We offer competitive pricing and install high-quality asphalt shingle roofing installations locally. We guarantee that we only use the highest quality roofing materials from the top three brands — Owens Corning, GAF, or Certainteed. 

Homeowners in Tampa choose Code Engineered Systems thanks to our expertise. For example, we only use the most experienced roofers, and our General Manager and Owner — with over 70 years of experience in the roofing industry combined — are involved in every job.

Here are a few additional reasons why Code Engineered Systems is the go-to roofing contractor in Tampa: 

  • We have a 4.8-star rating on Google from over 110 authentic reviews.
  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB after performing thousands of jobs
  • Our roof installations come with the following warranties:
    • Ten-year warranty for roof replacements
    • 25-year labor warranty
    • 50-year material warranty 

Comparing Costs: Our Asphalt Shingles vs. Other Roofing Materials

The cost of asphalt shingles is significantly cheaper compared to other roofing materials such as metal, tile, or slate. For example, you can expect to pay $2 to $5 per sq. ft., depending on the quality and style chosen. In contrast, metal roofs can cost up to $25 per sq. ft.

Additionally, the installation costs for asphalt shingles are generally lower than those for other materials, further adding to their affordability. Overall, asphalt shingles provide homeowners a cost-effective roofing solution without compromising quality and durability.

Here are some of the compelling reasons to choose an asphalt shingle roof installation:

  • Versatility: Asphalt shingles come in a wide array of styles and colors, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your roof.
  • Affordability: Installing an asphalt shingle roof means using one of the most cost-effective roofing materials available. They provide a good balance between affordability and durability.
  • Weatherproofing: Asphalt roofing tiles are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rains, and even hailstorms.
  • Easy installation: Asphalt composition shingles are relatively easy to install, cutting labor costs and installation time.
  • Low maintenance: Asphalt shingles require minimal maintenance over their lifespan, reducing the need for regular upkeep and repair.
  • Energy efficiency: Some asphalt shingles are designed to reflect heat, helping regulate the home’s temperature and reduce energy consumption.
  • Longevity: Asphalt shingles can last 20 to 30 years with proper installation and maintenance. You can also utilize other ways to maximize your roof’s lifespan.

Customer Testimonials: Real Stories from Homeowners Who Chose Our Asphalt Shingles

What do our customers say about the quality of roof installation and replacements carried out by Code Engineered Systems? Here is a small selection of real customer reviews on our Google Business Profile.

Code Engineering Systems have replaced two roofs for me in SouthPointe, Riverview, FL. They are extremely professional, responsive, and timely. Mike is very knowledgeable and great to work with!” — G. Marino.

Hurricane IAN damaged my roof. I called Mike Fisher, and he was there that morning, inspected it, and we contacted my insurance company. Within ten days, the roofers came in and did the roof in a day. Beautiful job and great attention to detail.” — Trigger E.

I can’t say enough good things about this company. The quote provided by Isaac was extremely competitive, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. The workers were polite and experienced and left our property clean and debris-free.” — Luis Mejia Barton.

Common Concerns with Asphalt Shingles: Addressing Your Questions

Unfortunately, asphalt shingles get a bad rap. This is usually because some roofing companies want to push high-end materials to increase profits. However, at Code Engineered Systems, we put our customers first. Also, we only work with the best quality asphalt shingles, meaning you have peace of mind about roof installation. 

To put your mind at rest regarding choosing an asphalt shingle roof installation, here are a few misconceptions you may have:

  • Durability: The newest types of asphalt shingles are more durable than before. They have improved thickness and style, leading to a longer life span.
  • Maintenance: Asphalt shingles are relatively low-maintenance. Regular inspections and cleaning debris from roofs and gutters can help prolong their lifespan. Occasional repairs or replacement of damaged shingles may be necessary.
  • Aesthetics: Composite shingles come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can choose shingles with a natural appearance or shingles that look like slate, cedar, or metal for a high-end finish.
  • Energy efficiency: Asphalt shingles may not be as energy-efficient as some other roofing materials, such as metal or tile. However, newer designs and technology allow the installation of a cool roof system using asphalt shingles. 

Financing Your Roof: Easy Payment Plans for Your Asphalt Shingle Installation

At Code Engineered Systems, we understand that roof repairs and installations often come with a hefty price tag. Therefore, we offer easy payment plans to help homeowners with asphalt shingle installations. What can you expect from us? 

First, we provide a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost of roof repairs or asphalt roof installations. Second, we provide flexible terms tailored to meet your specific needs. For example, we partner with Greensky to provide easy financing for a roof replacement or new installation

Choosing the Right Asphalt Shingle Color & Style for Your Home

Customization options can play a crucial role when choosing the right asphalt shingle color and style for your home. You want to choose shingles that perfectly complement your home’s curb appeal. After all, your roof makes up 40 percent of its exterior. 

Here are a few tips on choosing the right type of asphalt shingle for your home:

  • Choose a shade that matches or enhances the color scheme of your exterior walls, roof edges, and architectural elements.
  • Lighter tones help reflect heat away from your home, cutting energy costs.
  • You could choose architectural shingles to mimic the look of more expensive materials.
  • Ensure the roof’s color scheme meets neighborhood standards.

Post-Installation Care: Making Your Asphalt Shingles Last

Maintaining an asphalt shingle roof can help maximize its lifespan. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your new roof:

  • Arrange a professional roof inspection twice yearly to check for damage, loose, or missing shingles.
  • Remove leaves, branches, and debris in the fall to prevent moisture buildup and moss growth.
  • Ensure gutters are clean and well-maintained to ensure proper drainage.
  • Trim overhanging trees to prevent roof damage.

Why Choose Us? The Code Engineered Systems Difference in Asphalt Shingle Installation

Code Engineered Systems strives to provide our customers with the best possible asphalt shingle installation services. We go above and beyond to ensure that each customer is satisfied with the quality of our work. For example, we install the highest quality asphalt shingles for the same price as inferior ones. 

With our commitment to excellence and customer service, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your investment when you choose Code Engineered Systems for your asphalt shingle installation. If you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor to install your asphalt shingle roof, look no further than Code Engineered Systems. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our easy financing options.

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