Florida Building Code for ROOFING Questions & Answers

Questions: The valley flashing should extend how many inches from the centerline each way?

Answer: 8 inches

Question: For valley flashing, a spash diverter rib shall be no less than ______ inches high at the flow line formed as part of the flashing.

Answer: .75 inches

Question: Sections of flashing shall have an end lap of not less than ______ inches.

Answer: 4 inches

Questions: Counter flashing shall be made with ___________________.

Answer: Sheet metal

Question: Valley flashing shall be a minimum of ________ inches wide?

Answer: 16 inches

Questions: What is the minimum thickness valley flashing must be?

Answer: 26 Gauge (.0179 inches) Galvanized Steel.

Questions: Stainless steel shall be corrosion resistant and not less than _________ gauge.

Answer: 28 Gauge.

Questions: What is the minimum endlap required for sections of base flashing?

Answer: The minimum endlap for base flashing is 4 inches.

Question: What does substrate mean in roofing?

Answer: In roofing substrate is the surface which the roofing materials are applied. Substrate could be a plywood roof deck, the underlayment, a metal roof deck, or any other surface that the primary roof covering will be applied to.

Questions: How many inches should drip edge be overlapped according to Florida Building Code?

Answer: Drip edge should be overlapped at least 3 inches.

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