Commercial Roofing

TPO roofing system Cynthia Gardens

Code Engineered Systems has been in the commercial roofing business since the first day of the company’s existence. Our commercial roofing division is comprised of expert commercial roofers and managers prepared to install, replace, or repair just about any commercial roofing job available in the state of Florida. We have installed and regularly maintain many large commercial roofs all over the state of Florida including the Tampa Bay area, Miami area, Tallahassee, and all along the Florida gulf coast from Pensacola to Sarasota.

The replacement and maintenance of a commercial roof is a very large expense that must be planned and budgeted for by the building’s managers in both the reserve budget for eventual replacement, and in the regular building maintenance budget to ensure the life of the roof is maximized. If you choose Code Engineered Systems to replace and/or maintain your commercial roof we will regularly inspect your roof, give you expert advise on the remaining life and potential problems of your commercial roof, and we will assist in budgeting for both the maintenance and replacement of your commercial roof. We will give you an extensive written report on your roof, and will even attend your board meetings to explain the reports to your building’s owners and stakeholders. We know that looking out for our customers best interest is the only way to run a long-lasting reputable business and we want you to let us prove it to you.